Working to attain my CISA Certification

Since I work for a company that is in the Health Care industry which is pretty heavily regulated, I figured it would be a good skill add for myself and the organization if I became a certified IS auditor.

Coming from a Technology background, my journey towards this certification has been a big eye opener on some of the reasons behind business decisions that I did not previously have insight into.

Sure, but why an auditor?

Whether I ever decide to function as an auditor in a job role remains to be seen.  But, I will have gained a vast amount of new knowledge and insight in this journey.  Many of these knowledge areas will directly benefit me even in a non-auditing role because I will have a better knowledge of what is expected and can make sure all the work I do is in line with business objectives and aligns with what will be needed for audits.

There is currently 70 days left until the June test.  I have been spending what free time I can find on studying.  I am using the ISACA Question, Answer and Explanations database, along with their official Study Manual to prepare.  Due to the timing I ultimately gave myself less than 90 days to prepare.

While the ISACA study system does well on tracking progress and stats, I found that is lacked some of the data I wanted.  I wrote my own personalized tracker that takes the session information from ISACA and analyzes it in ways that allow me to know on a question by question basis where my knowledge level is it and it can provide specific reading recommendations for questions that are problematic for me.


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